A tribal Community reclaiming traditional foodways as an act of resistance and pathway to optimal health and wellbeing.

Using traditional flavors of the African Diaspora, TRIBU creates nourishing and healing foods that support health throughout all its seasons. All items are made with love and integrity using only the highest quality and organic ingredients with a preference for locally produced food.  Meals are free of preservatives, additives, and artificial ingredients.  We aim to be as carbon neutral as possible and live in harmony with the environment and all its inhabitants.

Mothering the Mother

Tribu’s menu is designed to be both delicious and support optimal health.  Whether you’ve just given birth or are living with a chronic condition, food is medicine! Our menu features items that heal, reenergize, and restore the body.

Full of thoughtfully curated flavors found in diasporic communities around the world,  our menu features items that heal, reenergize and restore the body.  

Our foods are fresh and ready to heat and eat or freeze.  All items are made from scratch without compromises.  TRIBU foods are vegan and do not contain gluten, soy, preservatives, additives or artificial ingredients. Everything is made with love and integrity using only the highest quality ingredients.

A Taste Of Our Menu

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    (Retired) Butternut Squash with Ras Al Hanout

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    Soup – Crescent City Gumbo

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    Soup – Nigerian Style Efo Riro

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    Tribal Tonic


Kind Words About Tribu

Mia Ormes Dalton

Fueled by a lifelong passion for cooking, conscious living and community building, Mia Ormes-Dalton created TRIBU to provide accessible high quality meal options and birth and postpartum doula services for new and expecting mothers.

As a mother of two, Mia understands a new mother’s specific needs and supports the family on their journey to motherhood through postpartum. With over twenty years of experience in the food and hospitality industries, Mia is a trusted postpartum cook, birth and postpartum doula and wellness coach.

“I prepare and deliver food to support your healing journey.  Whether you’re prenatal, postpartum or have a health challenge I am your advocate, coach and biggest cheerleader!

Mia Ormes-Dalton, Owner of TRIBU


TRIBU offers full-service and drop-off catering with a focus on health-supportive fare with fresh seasonal ingredients, local sourcing and sustainability. We comfortably accommodate all dietary restrictions and preferences. We will help customize the perfect menu specific to your event and guest needs.

We love to work with small, local business and suppliers to create low to zero waste events.

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