Soups are fresh Frozen and ready to heat and eat. Although the soups are complete meals, they are also highly customizable by adding additional meat or plant-based proteins, vegetables and paired with other grains.

A: Akaline  |  GF: Gluten Free  |  NF: Nut Free  |  SF: Soy Free  |  V: Vegetarian  |  VG: Vegan



Nourishing Sea Vegetable Mineral Broth

Nourishing: Restore with this mineral and vitamin rich broth. Aids in collagen production. Perfect for grounding gentle nurturing any time of day! Clear sipping broth featuring comforting kombu, dulse, hijiki, thyme, parsley, and warming ginger.

A, V, SF, NF, GF


Crescent City Gumbo

Nurturing: Protein rich and easily digestible. Classic New Orleans style Gumbo with Okra, portobello and cremini mushrooms, chickpeas, and fire roasted tomatoes.

A, V, SF, NF, contains spelt, * can be made GF



Comforting: Iron rich, easily digestible, loaded with vitamin C, encourages collagen production, aids calcium absorption. Southern comfort in a bowl! Mixed Greens, black eyed peas, fire-roasted tomato and sweet onion. 

V, GF, SF, NF, *can be made alkaline 


Nigerian Style Efo Riro

Energizing: Bioavailability of Vitamins B, A, C, K and E, folate, antioxidants, Iron and protein rich. Beloved West African Stew made with slow simmered spinach, red pepper, cremini mushrooms and sesame seeds.

A, V, SF, GF 



Grounding: Supplies the body with essential amino acids Reminiscent of a traditional Antillean ground provision soup, this dish is like a letter from home! Rich stew of callaloo, okra, chayote and kabocha squash, green banana and pillowy spelt dumplings.

A, V, SF, NF, contains spelt, can be made GF


Truck Patch 

Healing: Supports a healthy metabolism. Raw Puree of wild foraged or seasonal greens, flavored with onion, mineral broth and finished with coconut milk. Changes weekly based on ingredient availability. 

Can be Served as a chilled raw soup or slightly warmed.

A, V, SF, GF, *contains coconut 


Ancient 7-Grain Porridge Cereal Mix

Fortifying: Protect and build the body with B vitamins and folic acid. A hearty and delicious mixture of amaranth, quinoa, millet, teff, sorghum, fonio, and flaxseed.

A, V, GF, SF, NF

1 lb – $8

SNACKS and other Goodies

Raw Fruit and Nut Energy Bites

Dates, walnuts, Brazil nuts, oats and Tribu protein powder. Great
for anytime snacks and for breastfeeding support. Regular or chocolate

V, SF, GF, can be made grain free, can be made nut free

Package contains 16 – .5 oz bites- 

8 oz – $12

Raw Protein Powder

A blend of Pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, flaxseeds, and
Maca powder.

V, Soy Free, GF, Nut Free

8 oz – $15

Raw Sea Moss Gel

Food based multi vitamin.

Quart – $30

Sea Moss Gel

Seasonally Flavored Sea Moss Gel

Quart – $35

Tropical Smoothie Pack

A ready-made meal that will instantly transport you to the beach! Just blend with water,
milk or juice of choice.  Tamarind, mango, burro banana, passionfruit, papaya, avocado, date, dragon fruit and Tribu protein powder.

½ gallon – $16

Nourishing Tribu Tea Blends

Mother’s Milk Tea

Mother’s Milk Tea blends together red raspberry leaf, hops, alfalfa, fenugreek, and fennel to support milk production. This spice blend encourages post-partum healing, reduces stress, nourishes the blood and promotes relaxation.  Can help relieve colic in infants. 

Raw Protein Powder

A blend of Pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, flaxseeds, and Maca powder. V, Soy Free, GF, Nut Free


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