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Who Can Eat TRIBU Foods?

Especially designed for mothers of all ages and stages but, dads, kids, babies, those on a healing journey and anyone who wishes to be the healthiest version of themselves will enjoy TRIBU foods. Food can be ordered as a gift or for yourself.  Most items are sold in pint and quart-sized containers and intended to provide multiple hearty meals.  Our meals are complete on their own and extremely versatile.  If you desire, you can add an additional protein and or grain.

What Are The Benefits Of Specific Prenatal And Postpartum Foods?

We understand firsthand how challenging proper nutrition can be during the childbearing year.  This is why I created TRIBU.  TRIBU is the Spanish word for TRIBE.  We are tribal by nature and thrive when we have the loving support of our community.  Women have an innate need for the support of their village and, this nurturing care is what we provide. Nutritious food is just as important as our need for fresh air, clean water and REST!  We want to help you heal, nest and feel your best before and after giving birth. Our meals are purposely designed to support your physical recovery, energy levels, hormone balance, milk supply, and emotional wellbeing.  At TRIBU, we are passionate about supporting your prenatal and postpartum nourishment and wellness journey. Everything we cook is made with the highest quality whole food ingredients and LOVE!

Our Holistic Nutrition Philosophy Is Based On Food As Medicine

We believe that the postpartum period, AKA the 4th trimester, is the time for the new mother to bond with her baby and for baby to comfortably integrate into the family.  The often-overlooked postpartum period is a critical time for nutritional replenishment and physical healing.  Our postpartum meals include snacks, smoothies, broths and soups which are more easily digestible and improve absorption of essential minerals and vitamins that the body needs to repair, restore, and fortify after birth or illness. Fresh and local produce are the foundation of our foods, supplying essential minerals, vitamins, protein, fat and collagen to boost energy, heal the connective tissues of the body, and support healthy metabolism.  Our plant-based menu is mostly alkaline and recipes are thoughtfully developed to assimilate seamlessly into the body.

If you are breastfeeding, our postpartum meals provide measurable benefits for your milk supply and quality. Our postpartum meals made in small batches and include known galactagogues (ingredients which support milk supply and quality), including flax seeds, oats, tahini, hemp seeds, specific herbs and more!  However, the most important ingredient for an abundant milk supply is a well-rested and cared for mother!  We also avoid ingredients that could be associated with colic or sensitivities for breastfed babies, including cruciferous vegetables, garlic, and most major allergens.  And YES! Can anyone eat the lactation cookies. Dads, sisters, cousins, friends and grandpop can eat them. They are delicious and will NOT make you spontaneously lactate, Promise! They happen to be a toddler favorite!

Where Do We Source Our Raw Ingredients?

We do our best to use organic produce and products from sustainable, local and ethical businesses (Lancaster farm fresh food coop, Philly Farmacy and Farmer Jawn to name a few) We also use high quality dry goods.

Do We Accommodate  Dietary Restrictions And Food Allergies?

YES, we sure do! we love catering to dietary restrictions. We do not use any soy, additives, or preservatives in our food.  Our commercial kitchen is certified gluten free and the entire menu is vegan.  Tree nuts are the only major allergens we use in our recipes.

Safety And Sanitation

  • Preparation: Your food is lovingly prepared in our clean and private commercial kitchen space.
  • Sanitation and hygiene are our priority: Our team wears clean kitchen appropriate attire at all times; including head wrap, mask and gloves. We change into our kitchen gear once inside the facility.
  • We sterilize all reusable glass packaging.
  • We are ServSafe and AllerTrain certified

Contact-Free Delivery is possible

Get in touch if you wish to make changes to an existing order.

How Is Our Business Sustainable?

We use low impact packaging, including recycled-paper bags, reusable glass jars, compostable disposable containers and as little single use disposable items as possible. We compost all of our raw food scraps and recycle and upcycle all that we can!

You may have your food delivered in reusable glass containers for a $2 refundable deposit.We stand by our mission to support local, biodynamic and regenerative agriculture and local farmers and suppliers with environmentally, ethically and social justice conscious philosophies.  When you order TRIBU foods, you are connecting with and supporting local farmers. With every purchase you choose to support our local economy and Mother Earth.

Where Do We Deliver, When Do We Deliver, and How Much Does It Cost?

We deliver within 20m of our Philadelphia Commercial Kitchen. After entering your address at checkout, you will be notified if your address is outside our 20m radius. Delivery fee is applied at checkout.  If you are outside of our radius please inquire about a special delivery.  Orders must be placed by 12am on Sunday for pick up on Tuesday or delivery on the following Wednesday. Free delivery within 5 miles of 19127 if your order is over $100.


Do You Ship?

Nationwide shipping coming soon!

Can I Customize A Package?

Absolutely! Additions and substitutions are welcome.

Can I Include A Gift Message With My Order?

Yes, all packages include complimentary gift notes. You are able to enter your personalized message on the cart page.

How Do Gift Certificates Work?

Our digital gift certificates allow you to send the gift at your convenience.

You will receive a purchase code in your email after purchase that you can give to your loved one, but you can also enter their name and email to receive the gift card directly.

$10 minimum.

You can purchase a gift card here.

Storing And Cooking Instructions

Soups And Broths

  • Please consume within 7 days if your food item is refrigerated; check the expiration date on the packaging.
  • You may freeze mason jars. Do not overfill mason jars, there is a risk of the jar cracking when the liquid expands in the freezer. Thaw in the refrigerator and consume within one week. Do not refreeze.
  • If Frozen, keep frozen until ready to consume.
  • Reheating:
    • Pot: Reheat over medium heat until the food reaches 165 degrees.
    • Can be thawed as part of the re-heating process.
    • You may reheat in a crockpot, I do not advise using a microwave if possible.


  • Keep refrigerated and consume within 5-7 days. May freeze, it may affect the quality of the product but not taste or safety. If frozen, I would blend into another item once defrosted.

Energy Bites

  • Keep refrigerated for a week or keep in the freezer for up to a month. Defrost for 10 minutes before consuming.

Tribal Tonic And Teas And Sea Moss

  • Keep refrigerated until ready to consume. Best to drink within the week.
  • Keep Tribal Tonic and Sea Moss refrigerated for up to a month

Who took Your Photos?

Our catering photos were taken by Maria J Hackett.
Other Website Photos are by Kieliniski Photographers.

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